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About Us

Dr. César A. Lara, his board certified physicians, and his support staff are committed to helping you achieve your dreams of a thinner, healthier you by providing you with the most current information and the most compassionate, supportive care. It is Dr. Lara’s belief that when you join his weight management program you have essentially joined his family; and therefore, you will be treated as such.

We as a professional “family” are so happy you’ve decided to join us, and we can’t wait to support you through this program, celebrating your triumphs with you and facing your struggles head on to persevere through. Every member of our “family” has a calling to service, and each has their different life experiences they bring, ensuring compassionate care for each individual patient situation. Our mission is to empower you to improve your physical and mental well being by making healthy lifestyle choices, creating a balanced and happy future for you!