Healthy Weight For Life

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes we need help achieving these goals. Maintaining a healthy weight goes well beyond an initial weight loss. It means changing your mindset, habits, and lifestyle. This is why we take a holistic, “full body and mind” approach to weight loss. Our programs are specifically designed for each individual’s goals and needs. Our board-certified physicians personally monitor and guide you through your weight loss journey.

How you can maintain a healthy weight for life:

Healthy weight starts with you making the commitment to yourself that you want your life to be different. Then we give you support, tools, and education to help you follow through and keep this commitment.

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life

Shift your habits: Our program will teach you how to shift your habits and mindset, because a shift in thought will result in a shift in behavior.
Surround yourself with like-minded individuals: Your goals are important, so surround yourself with people that support your weight loss journey and encourage your healthy lifestyle.

Once you go through our weight loss program and reach the “Balance” phase, you will enter our long-term “CAP” program; this will ensure that your healthy weight is maintained. At our weight loss centers in Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Haror, and St. Petersburg we take a proactive approach. The CAP program is a relapse prevention program, because we realize that it’s easier to recover from small setbacks than large ones. We set ourselves apart by caring for and monitoring our patients well beyond when they have reached their goal weight. By taking this proactive approach, our weight loss doctors ensure that your investment results in optimal health, personalized programming, and cost-effective care.

C = Control
A = Action
P = Panic

The CAP method is the centerpiece of our weight-loss program, and is the key to maintaining your healthy weight and staying in Balance. By monitoring and assessing your progress on a monthly basis, CAP allows us to quickly identify challenges that may be affecting your continued healthy weight.

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