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The Program

César A. Lara, M.D. | Weight Management was founded on Dr. Lara’s belief that he was placed on this earth to change people’s lives. He became a family physician twenty five years ago thinking this was the path that would fulfill his destiny; but he soon realized this wasn’t enough. Traditional medicine was not truly healing patients, but patching up the issues. As he realized that obesity was causing so many of the problems he was seeing in his patients he realized his calling would be fulfilled by helping patients live longer, happier, healthier lives through weight management and lifestyle change.

At the Centers for Weight Management we recognize that obesity is not a weakness of character or a personal failure, but rather a chronic disease that is the fastest growing epidemic in America today. So it makes sense that treating this disease requires professional medical help. Dr. Lara and his  staff of Board Certified physicians, as well as their support staff, continually undergo training to ensure you receive the highest quality personalized, compassionate, and safe weight management care.

Our program guides you through three crucial phases that will essentially empower you to make healthy nutrition choices and incorporate exercise into your daily life as you learn to be positive and change yourself on the inside to reflect the change in your outward appearance.

Awakening: becoming or making aware.

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Awakening is the educational, acute weight loss portion of the program. Throughout the awakening process you will be educated on the causes for obesity as well as how to manage it. You will learn a specific, aggressive nutrition plan, and how to incorporate exercise into your routine. Your personalized plan may include certain safe, FDA-approved medications to get your disease under control, as well as various supplements that will maximize your weight loss and health. During the awakening phase you will be monitored weekly to ensure your treatment is the safest and most effective.

Passage: way or means of arriving.

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Passage  is the transitional phase, where you have reached your goal weight and are now ready to decrease your medications and frequency of visits. We will adjust your nutrition plan and decrease the use of appetite suppressants to enhance your body’s chemical balance. Finding the appropriate balance for your disease management takes as many visits as necessary, possibly as few as three but often a few more.

Balance: a state in which things occur in equal or proper amounts to have an equal or proper amount of importance.

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Balance is achievement! You have obtained a higher nutritional education and have learned to balance the role food plays in your life, your exercise, and your lifestyle. During this phase a unique plan is developed for you to empower you to maintain the healthy lifestyle and weight you have worked so hard to achieve. Should you experience weight gain, this plan also teaches you how to remain in control and get back on track. We will ask you to continue to weigh regularly, and to come in for visits, though much less frequently, so we can monitor you continually.
You have achieved your healthy weight goal and have learned to place the proper amount of importance on food and nutrition, and how to balance eating with living your everyday life. You have achieved balance in your health, spirituality, and lifestyle. Your hormones are properly balanced, you have learned to make good nutrition choices, and you have shed all the guilt, fear, and shame and replaced them with confidence, pride, and zest for life! For what may be the first time in a long time, you are in control of YOU!
You now know the causes of obesity and weight gain, and you’ve gotten control of your life. You have learned to make healthy choices and now your nutrition plan is being adjusted to stabilize your weight and control your disease.