Tips for the Best Spring Detox

Tips for the Best Spring Detox

Tips for the Best Spring Detox

Ready for a refreshed springtime? It might be time for a detox to usher in the freshness and beauty of the season! Luckily, detoxing doesn’t have to be extreme or difficult;  you can just take some simple and relaxing steps to detox your body, home, and mind.

Get some sun
After the winter chill passes, you’re probably overdue for some sunshine. At worst, you may be vitamin D deficient. Now’s the time to get outside and start breathing in the fresh air. Even if the temperature is still cool, a little sunshine can do a lot to melt away those winter blues. Remember to wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for a long time.

Sleep more
If you really want to supercharge your body, let it rest! Start going to bed earlier and designate a weekend day to let yourself sleep in. It’s a misconception that you can “catch up” on lost sleep by sleeping in a lot on the weekends, but it’s still a great idea to hit the hay a little earlier.
Designate a week where your bedtime is an hour earlier than usual and stick to it. We always recommend that our clients document their process, so keep a journal and write down what you notice. You’ll be surprised how much sleep affects your mood.

Drink tea
For a great detox beverage, choose green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and healthful ingredients that promote mind and body wellness. It is inexpensive and often the foundation for many detox drinks. To make it extra fun, try a blend that has floral or citrus notes to bring that warm weather feeling into your cup of tea.

Bring some green inside
Springtime is a beautiful time to get out in nature, but it’s also wonderful to bring live plants and flowers inside. Whether a cut bouquet or a potted plant, greenery is rejuvenating to look at and helps to purify the air in your space. Working with plants can give you serenity and peace of mind that you just can’t get with artificial ones.

Eat what’s in season
A new season means a new round of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. These tasty and healthy foods at their peak growing season don’t require any additives or chemicals to speed the growth process and they’re fresher and less expensive than their out-of-season counterparts. Seasonal produce is different depending on where you live, so just ask your local grocer. Your body will thank you.

Ultimately, a successful detox is one that leaves you with a clear mind and a happy body, so take time this season to really enjoy yourself and unwind.

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