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Eight ways to find cheap organic food

Most people agree that organic food is the healthiest type of food to eat. Without harmful chemicals, organic food is less toxic to the human body, more flavorful, and better looking. Eating organic can extend your life, prevent many diseases, and reduce toxins in your cells, so we always recommend organic food to our clients.

However, we understand that organic products are usually more expensive than non-organic one. With that in mind, here are our top shopping tips to get organic food without breaking the bank!

1. Know which organic products are actually cheaper

Organic food is typically pricier, but not always! For example, zucchini is four times as expensive when it’s organic, but foods like honey and maple syrup are actually cheaper when they’re organic. It all has to do with how difficult it is to grow a plant without pesticides.

So the next time you’re at the grocery store, keep an eye out on the prices, and don’t assume the organic version is pricier.

2. Shop the store brand

This might seem obvious, but the store brand versions of foods are always cheaper. Luckily, grocery store chains have caught on to the demand for organic foods and often have an organic brand. Get your cereals and canned goods through these store brands and save your money for produce.

3. Watch out for labels

When you’re shopping, don’t pay a premium for food that’s trying to appear organic without actually being organic. There’s no regulation for the use of the phrase “natural” on a product, so something a brand called “natural” could actually be full of chemicals and you’d never know.

Don’t be duped into paying more for a product that doesn’t say “Certified Organic” on the front.

4. Buy in bulk

Bulk products, because they lack packaging and cost less to ship, are often cheaper when bought by the pound than what you’d pay for something in a box.

If you bring a container and stock up on products you use often, you can save a bundle. This is especially true of organic spices. For example, something like cinnamon would cost about $20 per pound if you bought it in a box, but by bulk it’s $10 per pound.

You can save a ton!

5. Buy from farmers!

Not only is this a wonderful way to connect with the people who grow food in your community, but you can save a fortune and support a small business as well.

Going to farmers’ markets is often a good way to save on produce, but use your judgment. They aren’t always cheaper, so know what prices are for organics at your local supermarket and compare.

You can also sign up for a community supported agriculture box. CSA boxes, as they’re known, cost a flat rate a month, and farmers will send you a big box full of whatever is in season that month. If the price is too high, you can split it with your neighbors and friends!

Try our tips out and let us know how it goes! We love organic and hope you enjoy buying it.

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