How to Stay Positive No Matter What

How to Stay Positive No Matter What

How to Stay Positive No Matter What

Happiness is an elusive concept. Sometimes, you feel good without even trying, and your mood is consistently good. Nothing seems to bring you down.

Other times, difficulties in your life can lay you low and keep you feeling sad and depressed for weeks at a time. There isn’t always a reason for sadness – sometimes sadness just arrives and you don’t know why.

When we meet clients dealing with a negative outlook or a generally depressed mood, we encourage them to do whatever is best for their mental health. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking some time to process, sometimes it’s getting a prescription for medication, and other times it’s reframing thoughts to think more positively.

If you’re seeing a way to view the world positively, we’d like to present some of our best tips to help keep a sunny outlook on the world, no matter what life hurls at you.

Talk to yourself

No, really. Talking to yourself can positively affect the way you view the world. We suggest you literally speak out loud to yourself if you catch yourself thinking something unkind about yourself or overly negative about the world. Say to yourself, “Hey, I’m not going down that path of negativity right now,” or, “Is this truly a productive way to approach this?” We also believe that positive mantras can make a real difference in the way that you think about yourself. Praise yourself out loud and insist to the universe that you are good and worthy. You will likely change your own thinking about yourself by sheer force of repetition.

Cultivate a positive space

Take some time to make sure that the places you spend a lot of time in bring you joy. Buy yourself to a scented candle, have a hot cup of tea, and fill your space with photos of your loved ones. Where you live and work should be a source of joy to you. After all, we spend most of our time in the same few places everyday, and if they’re joyful and positive then the environment rubs off onto your thoughts.

Do someone else a favor

If you’re ever having a lousy day, take time to do something for someone else. Helping others fills our minds with dopamine, the chemical responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness, because it’s a true joy to be helpful and kind to others. Doing someone else a favor when you’re feeling down yourself will bring positivity into your own life, and you’ll have the warm feeling of having been helpful to others.

Get some sleep

This one is so important! If you’re feeling chronically down, assess whether or not you’re getting enough sleep. The effects of chronic sleep deprivation are tiredness, weight gain, heart issues, and cognitive impairment, among other serious issues. Ensuring you get enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and it’s free.

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