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The Heart & Science of Healthy Weight Loss

For over 10 years, César A. Lara M.D. Weight Management has helped thousands of patients shed their excess weight and discover the joy of living in a state of health and balance. Using cutting edge evidence-based medicine, we customize a results-driven weight loss plan to suit your individual needs and goals, while keeping your health and safety our utmost priority.

Dr. Lara is uniquely qualified to help you on your weight loss journey as a fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). OMA fellowship is an honor that is awarded only to physicians who fulfill advanced requirements and continue through education and participation to work on the forefront of obesity medicine. Dr. Lara is one of the few physicians in the U.S. who have achieved this designation.

We understand the challenges you face, and we are deeply committed to helping you overcome those challenges, and ultimately learn the habits you need to sustain your lifelong healthy weight.

Our method takes a holistic approach to weight loss and hormonal balance that focuses on the entire spectrum of the individual. We understand that every person is unique and have developed a proven solution to help anyone improve their health and change their lives. Our pyramid of health illustrates the fundamental aspects of true health and has been developed to serve as a guide for you as you strive for optimal health.health pyramidFoundation: Nutrition

Our program begins with an emphasis on nutrition. This component’s focus is to educate and guide the patient through the confusing world of nutrition, so that they have a better understanding of what, when, and how they should be eating. Focusing on balance, Dr. Lara’s team carefully engineers each patient’s nutritional protocol to suit his or her needs. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This ancient piece of wisdom captures one of the most important principles very often lost in modern medicine. Our nutritional plans are designed to help patients lose fat and decrease inflammation caused by bad habits, while also preserving lean muscle mass.

Second: Lifestyle Modification

The next component in the pyramid is lifestyle modification. In order for our bodies and minds to work optimally, we must change our habits and reestablish new ones that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. We don’t tell every patient to work out 6 days/week, but we do emphasize, encourage and help each patient find the activities that complement his or her lifestyle in a healthy way.

Dr. Lara understands that in today’s world there are many complexities and not much free time. However, he strongly believes that all of his patients can improve their daily routines in order to achieve better health and happiness. This aspect of Dr. Lara’s program is meant to empower each patient and guide him or her through different lifestyle changes that will jumpstart their journey towards their goals.

Third: Hormonal Balance

The Hormonal Balance component brings attention to the fact that excess weight and many prevalent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer, as well as the medications used to treat these conditions, have an impact on our bodies’ metabolism and hormonal balance. An imbalance wreaks havoc on the body’s ability to maintain proper weight and optimal health. Our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement program analyzes each patient from a hormonal level, and using the most up to date evidence-based practices, strives to rebalance and optimize their hormonal equilibrium.

Fourth: State of Mind

Finally, at the tip of the pyramid is the aspect of the mind. From the very beginning, Dr. Lara, as the innovator and creator of the program, recognized and believed in the importance of thoughts in determining both our health and happiness. His motto, and the motto of the practice, is: “Visualize, believe, and allow it to actualize”. The evolving field of neuroscience has proven that the brain can change, reconnect, and regenerate neuronal pathways through what is referred to as “neuroplasticity.” This recognizes the physically and chemically constructive composition of our thoughts and their potential to impact the reality that we directly experience, including our own health.

Dr. Lara’s caring team works with you every step of the way in order to help change your mindset and reveal the power of achievement within you. Weight loss programs or scripts endorsed by the media don’t often address the dysfunctional behaviors that lead us to gain weight in the first place, and so their results are not sustainable. Dr. Lara’s program incorporates success-driven behavior modification techniques that get rid of old habits, and create healthy new behaviors that will dramatically improve the way you live your life. In addition, Dr. Lara’s practice utilizes clinical hypnosis, life coaching, acupuncture, and clinical psychology to help support each of his patients with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Together: Success

The Pyramid of Health symbolizes a lifelong journey to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It is not a quick fix, but it is a program that anticipates the challenges ahead, and prepares you with the tools and support system necessary to adapt and persevere as we focus our body and mind on the optimal goal of a balanced, healthy and happy life.

If you’re ready to lose weight and begin a healthy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place! César A. Lara Weight Management will help you shed those pounds to reach your healthiest, most balanced weight. Our weight loss program offers personalized attention, education, and close monitoring. Our staff will educate you on exercise and nutrition, and support you through your exciting new journey.

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