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How hypnosis helps you lose weight!
Clinical hypnosis for weight management

Losing weight can be a difficult task. Clinical hypnosis helps you lose weight by targeting the subconscious part your mind. By planting the right seeds of thought in your subconscious mind during hypnosis, you can alter your reality.

Hypnosis bypasses the sabotaging, conscious mind and super-charges the subconscious, where real change occurs. Continually practicing the techniques you will learn in hypnosis will allow you to conquer difficult and long term goals.

Many clients confess that hypnosis was a last resort. They had tried everything else and failed. “Hypnosis ought to be the first resort!” is the usual response after they experience the results.

Clinical hypnosis isn’t magic, although its effects seem magical! Hypnosis is natural, safe, and effective. It’s more than just positive thinking; it is life changing!

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Empowering your mind to guide you to optimal health!

Clinical hypnotist Debbie Lane partners with Dr. Lara to bring you a life-changing process in which a virtual lap band is applied under hypnosis, without the risks of invasive surgery. Debbie Lane received her training and accreditation from a Virtual Gastric Band therapy pioneer, clinical hypnotherapist Sheila Granger. Her partnership with Dr. Lara incorporates her process of teaching your subconscious mind to make healthier choices for your body into his successful behavior modification program, which gives you the guidelines to follow on your weight-loss journey.

Our virtual gastric band process is tailored for each individual, dealing with the personal and mental/emotional issues that have led to weight gain, and training the subconscious to utilize food as a fuel source. Patients will be given all the tools available to optimize their results, and they will in turn be asked to commit to following the program guidelines.

Benefits of Virtual Gastric Bypass

  • Less expensive than a real Lap Band procedure
  • Does not involve invasive surgery
  • There are no specific weight requirements

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