Healthy Weight For Life

We’ll give you the tools to succeed

Healthy weight starts with you making the commitment to yourself that you want your life to be different. Then we give you the support, tools, and education to help you follow through and keep this commitment.

Healthy weight for life

We all want to always look and feel our best. Too often, the daily forces of life throw us out of control and push us back a few steps. Dr. Lara and his team know that maintaining a healthy weight goes beyond just dieting and exercise. In order to keep your weight under control, you need to develop a positive mindset, good habits, and a balanced lifestyle. This is why we take a holistic full body and mind approach towards our weight loss programs. Our programs are customized for each individual’s goals and are designed to give you the power to live a healthy, balanced, and successful life forever.

Shift your mindset

Our program will teach you how to shift your habits and mindset, ultimately allowing you to change your behavior. Once you go through our weight loss program and successfully reach the “Balance” phase, you will enter our relapse prevention program. This program is all about empowerment and is designed to help you maintain and continue to succeed in new goals. After you’ve successfully completed our program, you’ll not only have improved your body but you’ll have developed a new mindset capable of achieving whatever it is that you want. At this point it is crucial that you continue to nurture and strengthen your new habits and behavior.

We take a proactive approach

At our weight loss centers in Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and St. Petersburg, we take a proactive approach. We set ourselves apart by caring for, monitoring, and encouraging our patients well beyond their successful completion. By monitoring and assessing your progress on a monthly basis, our relapse prevention program allows us to quickly identify challenges that may be affecting your continued healthy weight. We’ll make sure you stay on track and continue to support and educate you as you use your new wings. We know you invested a lot of time and effort in achieving your goals and we care deeply about your progress, so we’ll be there to pick you up in case you fall.

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