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My name is Robyn and I am a mother of two, and that’s pretty much where my story begins…..

After my kids were born, my weight just kept going up and up. I was having some emotional and personal problems, which did not help with the weight at all. Before I knew it, I was nearly 165 pounds, which is a lot of weight for my 5’0 body to carry! Eventually my husband left me for someone else, and there I was, a very overweight single mother of two active kids. I hit the bottom at that point. My self-esteem was gone. Thankfully my health was good, so I didn’t have that added worry, but I was so miserably unhappy every time I looked in the mirror or tried on clothes or got dressed even! I knew that I couldn’t be happy with me while I felt so terrible about my appearance and worried about my overall health.

So I started on the program. It was difficult at first as diets go. One of the most difficult things for me was actually going to the center once per week. But that is also one of the things that helped me the most. I knew I would have to be held accountable for my weight losses and gains- not that anyone ever said anything negative about it at all. In fact, everyone was so encouraging and positive even when I messed up. But I knew what I should and should not be doing, and was much harder on myself than anyone could have ever been. The diet itself was not easy, especially in the beginning. None of my “comfort foods” were on that diet list. But once I got going on it, I really didn’t miss them that much. It was amazing to me to see the pounds and inches start falling off! That is what really encouraged me to keep going and stay on track! After I hit my first 10 pound loss, I was completely blown away! I really felt that I could continue on with no problems. Once in a while there was a set-back, naturally. My weight would go up a pound or two, and I would be so hard on myself. But I realized that things happen, and what’s done is done, and all I could do was to make better choices next time and move on. Everyone at the center was so encouraging, as was my family! That support also kept me going and on track.

My clothes started feeling looser and before I knew it, I had lost about 45 pounds! With every pound that I lost, I gained so much self-confidence back! During my weight loss program, I met someone and had the self-confidence to build a great relationship. I was happy with me, finally, and could focus my energy on someone else! We ended up getting married. I think if I hadn’t started the program and lost the weight, I would not be where I am today-happy and confident with myself, and finally settled and happy with my life.

My advice to anyone wanting to make a change is go for it! The only person holding you back is you! The transformation feels so unbelievable, and the self-confidence boost can change your life like it did mine!

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