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Julie and Tony’s weight-loss journey;IMG_4692

Two years ago (Jan. 2014) my husband Tony and I decided together that we both needed to loose some weight. We chose Dr. Cesar Lara’s weight-loss plan. After 6 months of following this plan, we lost a total of 85 lbs. The office staff, (Palm Harbor) and doctors were very helpful and inspiring. It was an awesome experience. The plan was very easy to follow. The office visits were inspiring and the staff was always there to help and to guide us. We both felt the best we had in many years! Our friends and family were amazed at our transformations!
As the new year approached I began to experience some hormonal issues resulting in my weight creeping back up on me. From frustration, I began to slip back into some bad habits as did my husband. Therefore together, Tony and I put some weight back on. Kristy, (office manager at PH) knowing my frustration, approached me at one of my visits suggesting I speak to Dr. Lara regarding my hormone issues.

Once I met with Dr. Lara and began Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), my life changed. (Sept. 2015) I began to feel like myself again. Once I was feeling better my husband and I together decided to try Dr. Lara’s HCG program to jump start our weight-loss. (Jan. 2016)
We both were unsure of the process as well as a little nervous about giving ourselves shots every day. However, with the guidance from Dr. Lara and his excellent staff (Tampa and Palm Harbor), our concerns were no longer.

The HCG diet plan is very easy to follow. We were given detailed directions on the shot procedure as well as the foods allowed. At first it seemed as though the food would be tasteless and boring but that was not the case. You MUST weigh and measure your proteins, fruits and vegetables as going over what you are allowed will work against you.
We followed the plan for 4 weeks and both did very well. I lost 17lbs. and my husband lost 22lbs. We were both very pleased with the program and would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to jump start their weight loss journey. We both are back to following Dr. Lara’s regular medical weight loss program now and are a few pounds away from our original weight-loss goals.

We can not exIMG_4697press enough how wonderful Dr. Lara is as well as his awesome staff. Every office location we have visited, we have been treated wonderfully. I am 51 years old and my husband is 49, turning 50 in April! We feel truly awesome and we owe it to Dr. Lara’s expertise and awesome staff.

Thank you Dr. Lara!
Julie and Tony

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