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Blue is a current patient with a heartfelt story of fear, shame, humiliation, and despair- all shed (along with 100 pounds!) through her lifestyle change with Dr. Lara’s Weight Management. What an inspiration!

I feel so proud of what I look like now and I'm amazed when I think of the number of pounds I've lost. That number just gets bigger and bigger every week. It just seems so unrealistic when I say it!

Her personal story:

Size 26. That’s what size I wore last summer; 7 short months ago. Now I’m just about ready to move down to a size 14. I’m 57 years young, and I can’t remember the last time I was able to buy clothes without being corralled into a tiny little place called the plus size department.

To date I’ve lost 78 pounds, and I shop wherever I want to now. It’s an incredible feeling to have unlimited places where I can shop, and not be at the mercy of those places with the little cordoned off areas they have for plus size women. Now I don’t cringe when I walk past a store window or mirror and see my reflection.

I had wanted to go see Dr. Lara for a long time, but I always found a reason I couldn’t go. I was too embarrassed, diets never worked for me, and what would everyone think if I tried it and yet again failed, just like I always did. When I was laid off in 2009 I had medical coverage for a few months, so I decided to go get a physical and have myself checked out completely. I found out that I was borderline diabetic and bordering on high cholesterol. I was really surprised because I always thought of myself as pretty healthy… just heavy. I started thinking that maybe I wasn’t so invincible.

My husband and I decided to get some life insurance to cover the cost of our house if something should ever happen to one of us. The cost of my insurance was three times the cost of my husband’s insurance. I’ve never ever smoked a day and he’s smoked most of his life. One day a few months after the life insurance shock, I walked out to check the mail and stepped in a fire ant pile. I had about a dozen bites on my toes, and ended up having to call an ambulance when I started having problems breathing. They had to take me by stretcher to the ambulance. One of the paramedics was really so nice and just tried to put me at ease. The other paramedic was not so comforting. I could tell he was angry having to wheel this fat lady on the stretcher through the rocks to get to the ambulance. And when we got to the emergency room, he picked up the corners of the sheets to move me from the stretcher to the bed but decided not to even try to pick me up. He just looked at me and said “can you just move over to the bed.” I was pretty out of it but I’ve never forgotten that. It was so humiliating.

I remember last summer saying to myself “I’m not going to leave this earth looking the way I do.” It took me a while (ok, a long while) to get up the nerve to call Dr. Lara’s office. It took me a week to punch those numbers into the phone when I finally did decide. I didn’t want to start something I was going to fail at AGAIN, but I knew I had to push thru the embarrassment and just go for it. I didn’t tell anyone about the doctor visits or dieting. I had already tried dieting so many times, and my coworkers and family had already seen me fail miserably every time. I didn’t even tell my family and I’m very close to my sisters.

When I hit my 50 pound mark, I posted my before and after pictures on Facebook and announced to everyone what I’d been doing for the last 4 months. OMG, the comments were so great and it was just such a surprise to everyone…me included. I knew I’d lost, but oh my gosh, never did I realize how much until I was staring at the two pictures side by side. I just posted another picture when I hit 75 pounds and I’m getting rave comments from my friends all over the world.

I visit my sisters for Spring Break every year, and I can’t wait to see them this year. What a difference they’re going to see. The first thing I do every week after my weigh in is text them with my new total loss. I give them a new total every week, and it’s so great to get their responses back. My older sister who is ‘technically challenged’ has learned to text just so she can get my text updates and reply back with her kudos for me. I don’t have any support in my house, so it’s really great having that support through texting and Facebook, especially from people who know how hard I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.

The support I get from my coworkers is wonderful. Today I came back from my weigh in and, of course, I’m always excited about my loss, but one of the girls was so excited for me. It gave me goose bumps to think someone was more excited than me. It sounded like we were having a party. She’s telling everyone what my new total is.

It’s so encouraging to know there are people rooting for me as hard as I am. I was so overwhelmed. This has been an incredible journey so far. I’ve just been taking it one week at a time, and each week propels me to the next one and the next and the next. I feel outstanding and this time I know I’m going to succeed.

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