Julie’s BHRT Success

BHRT Success Story
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Her story:

“My name is Julie. I have been a participant in Dr. Lara’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Program for 3 years. I was originally being treated with “pellet” hormones by another doctor. Unfortunately, that method did not work for me resulting in a decline in my health. Once I met with doctor Lara regarding my symptoms and history, he immediately took charge. He created a program consisting of the correct hormones and hormone dosage for me which immediately resulted in positive results! Dr. Lara monitors my hormone levels along with my overall health every 3 months and is available sooner if needed. He is very thorough, compassionate and shows his true concern for my overall health and happiness EVERY time I meet with him! Dr. Lara is continuously learning and growing and sharing this knowledge with his patients.

I am over the moon happy with my health from being on Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I have never felt better.

Thank you Dr. Lara and staff. I would NOT be the woman I am today with them!”

Julie B.  (03/07/18)

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