Julie’s Journey

About This Project

From my first experience with Dr. Lara and his staff I have been completely satisfied. I have had my struggles but always seem to get right back on track with the guidance and support from them. I am a bit of a “sap” when discussing my experience with my hormones but it is what it is. I was a mess and now I am not! 🙂

Please know that this entire experience has opened my eyes to realizing that this program truly changes lives! It certainly did mine. My family has been so supportive especially my husband Tony who has traveled this journey with me. His weight loss was 50 lbs.! He has gained a few back but still feels great, and follows the program with me–resulting in a healthy balance and lifestyle. We love life and really enjoy each day! So when we eat a little too much, we get right back on track and everything evens out. We both have followed the weight loss program and HCG. And of course you know, I am also on the HRT.

What makes this entire experience so amazing is the compassion and concern I was given from Dr. Lara when I first talked with him! He truly changed my life!

For without him, I could not be the BEST me!

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