Cher (Lost 74 lbs)

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About This Project

Start: 208 lbs 

Finish: 135 lbs

Cher’s feeling about her weight was that “it is what it is”. She, like so many, pretended to be happy and ignored her “weight problem”, until her children kept asking if she was having a baby. Reality hit and she decided she needed to make a change. From the moment she stepped into Dr. Lara’s office, she felt welcomed and knew that she came to the right place.

Cher was able to lose 74 pounds and has completely transformed the way she lives her life. With the help of Dr. Lara, she learned good eating habits, how to integrate healthy lifestyle choices into her life, and developed a more powerful mindset. She now enjoys kickboxing and can even keep up with her boys whenever they challenge her.

I no longer feel a sense of laziness or feeling of being overwhelmed.  Dr. Lara’s staff has always encouraged me during my “not so good” and trying weeks.  I cannot thank them enough for their assistance in my journey to a better me.  I feel healthier.  I look healthier and feel great!

*Results may vary*

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