Jerry (Lost 140 lbs)

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About This Project

Jerry was excited to be given the opportunity to participate in Dr. Lara’s weight management program. Though a little skeptical and nervous, Jerry knew he needed a life change, and this was his chance!

Jerry’s first week was discouraging, as he heard co-workers who were participating in the same program discussing their 6-7 pound weight losses, while his was “only” one pound. Giving up would have been easy, but Jerry realized there had to be something to the program for so many to be successful, so he stuck to it.

And an amazing 140 pounds later (and lighter!) he realized that yes, there is!

As I started noticing the changes I found the loss of weight and increased energy to be motivating and inspiring. The staff could not possibly be more supportive! Each weekly visit is a shot of encouragement that certainly helps keep you on track and thinking positively. Thanks to Dr. Lara's program I have a renewed energy and outlook on life.

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