Bart (Lost 85 lbs)

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About This Project

Start: 230 lbs

Finish: 145 lbs

Bart is a proud Cuban American. And he loves everything about his culture, especially the cuisine! But he soon came to realize that the latin american diet wasn’t the best choice for maintaining optimum health and weight. Dr. Lara showed him how to properly balance his love for latin american cuisine with a proper nutrient-rich diet and healthy lifestyle choices.

After 6 months on Dr. Lara’s program, Bart lost 85 pounds and dramatically improved his health. 

Most noticeably the pain in my knees has completely disappeared – and it stands to reason, imagine suddenly having to wear an 85 lb weight belt on your body 24/7, and the kind of stress it would put on your frame and joints, not to mention on your heart.

With Bart’s results, it wasn’t long before his wife, Vicky, joined the program as well. Vicky lost 26 pounds and came away from the program with a new sense of confidence she didn’t have before.

Dr. Lara has given us new hope. For me, I now feel I have a much better chance of actually meeting my grandchildren someday, and to me that’s something you can’t put a price on.

*Results may vary*

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