"Now I have so many reasons to smile!"

I have lost over 70 lbs. since April 2016. I started off wearing a size 20, and barely able to walk a mile. Now I wear a size 10 and walk 4 miles most days of the week. It has been a blast shopping the bins in my garage for all my skinny clothes!

Approaching my 50th birthday, I was in the worst shape of my life. Constant back pain and most of my family started blood pressure meds in their early 50’s. I did not want to go that route!

I chose Dr. Lara because it was a program that I could easily adopt. Everyone was friendly and supportive. There were challenges along this journey, but Dr. Lara & his team have supported me through everything. And, I know they will continue to be there as challenges present on my maintenance path.

Now, I smile more! I smile because I have more self-confidence, because I’m not in constant pain, because I am more social as I am not embarrassed by my weight. I smile more because I have achieved my goal with the help of this team!

I would encourage you to go for it! Take it day by day, and set little goals all along the way. That way there are lots of celebrations along the way too!

– Karen P.

"BHRT saved my life..."

It was about 2 years ago that the anxiety and depression hit me.  I had no idea what was going on.  I never had a problem with depression.  When I read that depression was also part of diminishing hormones I wondered if that could be my problem, even though I was past menopause.  I first started on the weight loss program.  After about a month I met with Dr. Lara to discuss the BHRT program.  I started and was amazed how quickly the anxiety and depression lifted.  Almost a year later I faced a devastating loss.  My husband passed away very suddenly and unexpected.  Two months later, my sister passed away.  I have been going through such a tough time trying to move on with my life, and define myself without my other half.  I can honestly say that if I were not on BHRT I probably would not have made it through these past 7 months.  The depression was so severe two years ago that I probably would have killed myself after my husband passed away.  So, I can honestly say BHRT saved my life.

– Carol Gunn

"I am doing so much more than I ever expected!"

The number one reason I wanted to lose weight was my health. I have had numerous health issues prior to starting this program; high blood pressure, back and leg issues, and lack of stamina for any exercise program.

Losing this 50 pounds of weight has encouraged me to exercise more, eat healthier meals and has provided positive results in my health and lifestyle. My total self-confidence has improved and my total well being in this wonderful universe we live in has improved and my spiritual walk has increased.

I am doing so much more than ever expected in all areas of my life! For anyone thinking of joining Dr. Lara’s weight management, I would say, “Get committed and do it. This program works!

Thank you Dr. Lara & staff.

-Helen W.

"This is not a diet but a way of eating for life!"

Being overweight is not a good way to go through life. I was 118 pounds when I was married nearly 40 years ago. But life happens. With three C-sections, achilles tendon repair, hysterectomy, and a knee replacement, the pounds I gained seemed to stay no matter what I did. I tried Weight Watchers several times, and lost just a few pounds. My mind couldn’t grasp the program where food was measured in points. I saw Dr. Lara’s advertisements and decided last year to sign up. I started the program at 178 pounds and am now at 147. I did reach my goal weight last year but did not check-in monthly…bad choice! I am now on my way to my goal of 145 pounds and I will maintain. Why? Because Dr. Lara’s plan is not a diet, but a way of eating for life. And because I know that I can.

Thank you Dr. Lara!

– Alice R.

"I knew I could not do it alone…"

I got motivated to lose weight because of the way I looked and felt. I knew I could not do it alone, regardless of what I tried before. I tried other programs and other attempts, but they never made a difference for me. This program really works. My cholesterol is lower, I don’t have trouble sleeping anymore, and my energy is way better than before. The biggest improvements I’ve seen are my digestion issues are almost gone and my energy is great. No program is easy, but this program works if you follow it. Also, their staff is really great and very encouraging.

— C.S.

"I needed something to kickstart my health so I could remain healthy for life"

When I made the decision to call, I did not know what to expect on my first visit. Yes the staff had briefly discussed “what would happen” at the first visit, but I knew nothing of the process, how it worked or what I would do.

Everyone was very thorough and patient and kind to me. The one thing that encouraged me the most was when Dr. Drapkin looked at me and said with a twinkle in his eye, “You’re going to do great!” His initial encouragement and the weekly visits and information helped me to surpass my goal– 36.4 lbs in 4 months.

Now my overall health is better–lower blood pressure, better breathing, better and correct metabolism. Thank you for changing my life!!

– C.W. from Palm Harbor

"As a professional woman I needed help…"

As a professional woman who meets with clients and travels frequently, I must dress the part and having a closet full of suits was the motivation I needed to lose weight. So this program worked for me. Now I fit into my last year’s sizes, so I don’t have to buy any more new suits!
A great benefit was their guidance and all the levels of support while doing the program. I feel healthier physically and mentally. If you are thinking of joining this program, DO IT! Dr. Lara and his team are so supportive and help you reach your goals. This program will help you enjoy and love life so much more.

— M.S.

"Thank you for saving my life!"

My older brother passed away at a young age due to health reasons. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. So that’s why I started the program. I care about my appearance and wanted to improve my general health. The program was recommended by a friend and I also knew of Dr. Lara from the community. Once I met with him, I knew I made the right choice because of how caring and detailed my appointment was.
I feel like a new person. My energy and attitude have changed and improved. It has also helped my career with the confidence I have gained along the way. Don’t wait as long as I did. My health has improved and so much more. All I can say is, thank you for saving my life!

— A.D.

"Supportive and helpful… and a program specifically tailored for vegetarians!"

I have been battling my weight since I was in my 30’s… I turned to food for emotional support and comfort when life delivered its inevitable twists and turns. I tried dieting several times and would drop 10 – 20 pounds, but would put it back on within a year or so. I finally became so fed up with myself that I starting researching weight loss programs online.

I found three programs in my area that I thought might be the right ones for me and I called each of them. To my dismay, the first two I called didn’t have programs tailored for vegetarians and both told me that I couldn’t be successful on their programs if I insisted on eating a vegetarian diet.

Fortunately, my next call was to Dr. Lara! In reading the website, I had been so impressed with the holistic approach that Dr. Lara and his team focus on with their program, but I was losing hope that I could achieve significant and lasting weight loss as a vegetarian. My goal was to lose 75 pounds, which seemed unattainable at first. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own… and that’s when I had the opportunity to talk with Lule, one of Dr. Lara’s weight coaches.

We hit it off immediately and she was quick to assure me that I could be successful on their program as she had personally tailored it specifically for vegetarians!! I met with Lule on my first visit and she could not have been more supportive and helpful. Her advice has been invaluable to me and, when I had a week that I gained weight instead of lost it, she was right by my side encouraging me. The next week I lost more than six pounds!!!

I’ve been on the program for a month and have lost 14 pounds, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. I know I still have a very long way to go, but I know with the help of Lule and the rest of the Dr. Lara’s team, I will get there. And, more importantly, stay there!


— Lynne C.

"What a lucky guy I am!"

As I am considered a senior citizen. I would like to offer my comments and, reluctant advice concerning my experience with Cesar A. Lara M.D. weight management. I am male, 75, in reasonably good health. I have survived a prostate cancer scare, a massive heart attack and subsequent quadruple bypass surgery. My daily activities are certainly not sedentary, but less active than I prefer, as more exercise will help me lose more weight.

For my entire life I have battled with weight gain. I have been a yo-yo. I will gain a lot relatively quickly and struggle for considerably longer times to lose excess weight. And that cycle has repeated itself over and over again. One would think that at this stage of my life I would say “the heck with dieting, I will just relax and enjoy my life come what may”. Sound familiar? Well not me. I finally got it into my thick skull, to get serious and do something about this situation. Based on many comments from friends and acquaintances who have raved about their experiences with Dr. Lara’s practice, I decided to give it a try. What a lucky guy I am.

I made an appointment, visited Dr. Lara’s office, got an EKG, had blood work done, and I had subsequent counseling by a physician, and I started the program. I should mention that through all of this preparation, and to this day, the most important ally has been my physician’s assistant/counselor/manager. This person will absolutely stick with you, and provide you with invaluable guidance, until you reach your goal. Please remember that. It is very important.

Well, so far I have been on the program for one month. I have lost 15 pounds. I have not deviated from the program. I will not take liberties. I ask my counselor many questions. I always get immediate answers. I am completely satisfied with my results. Thank you Dr. Lara, and thank you to my wonderful counselor.

If safe weight loss is your goal, I encourage you to give Dr. Lara an opportunity to help you.


— Dr. Lara’s Patient

"I’ve learned to love myself again."

My biggest fear was falling so deep into something I thought I could never pull myself out of. I slipped into a depression and was completely unhappy with my life. Right there and then I knew I needed a change and my motivation kicked in. I was recommended by a family friend who was completely pleased with Dr. Lara’s program, and the results didn’t lie. I thought why not, he looked absolutely amazing just after a few months.

Losing weight has done so much for me. I’ve been drowning in compliments that only truly motivate me to push harder. Most importantly I’ve learned how to love myself again. The confidence that was gone is slowly coming back. The depression is fading away. I actually feel comfortable leaving the house and doing things. Learning to love myself and my life again is probably one of the best feelings in this world.

My energy levels have improved. I don’t have that tired sluggish feeling after just a few hours of being up. I’m doing exercises I would have never imagined possible before.

If anyone wants a healthier lifestyle with amazing results I would absolutely recommend this program. The staff is amazing and the program is even better.


— Alicia R.

"The power of a healthy lifestyle in preventing or reversing disease"

For many of us we tend to view weight loss benefits in an aesthetic sense. Who doesn’t want to look better? But for us in the medical profession we may tend to look at it more from a health standpoint.

L.B. is a 62-year-old patient who started our program on June 19, 2015. At that time, she was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic and was taking insulin and an oral agent twice a day. She was also taking medication to control cholesterol and blood pressure. On initial laboratory testing her HgbA1C (a test to determine blood sugar control) was very high at 11.4 which equates to an average daily blood sugar of 280. We also decided to test her cholesterol using a more advanced method which gives us more information concerning risk of heart disease. This test is called the NMR Lipoprofile. I won’t go into the details here but suffice it to say that it gives LDL-particle counts and LDL size numbers which are more predictive of risk than cholesterol numbers alone. Her test indicated high risk with an elevated particle count of 1620 and her small LDL-P count of 1157. This tells us her LDL particles are numerous and small and dense which are precisely the particles that get into the lining of our arteries to cause hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. Despite her medications, L.B. was at substantial risk of heart disease and stroke.

Fast forward to September 14, 2015, only 3 months later. L.B. was strict in following our diet and eliminating the poor quality carbohydrates from her diet. Her weight loss during this time was 20 lbs. This may not seem dramatic, when you hear stories of 50 or 100 lb. loss. Her starting weight was not that “bad” at 5 foot 5 inches and 188 lbs., but let’s look at her repeat laboratory values. HgbA1C was 6.4 which equals an average blood sugar of 137. Her LDL particle count dropped to 1143 (moderate risk- low risk is less than 1000) and her small LDL particle count dropped to 541 (less than 527 is low risk). By the way with the lowered blood sugar L.B. is off her insulin entirely and only taking the oral medication.

From a medical prospective this is remarkable. It is a good demonstration of the power of a healthy lifestyle in preventing or reversing disease. This is why we love this field of medicine-to see our patient’s lives improve. L.B. has also begun Orange Theory classes 3 days a week and I have no doubt things will improve even further.


— L.B.

"I saw immediate results."

I started on the HCG Diet almost 5 weeks ago. Since I began, I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds and several inches off my waist. While the diet itself was challenging I had a lot of great coaches to help me stay focused and on track, and a plan was put in place and easy to follow. As soon as I began the diet, I saw immediate results. With each subsequent visit back to the office I saw my weight continue to decline which gave me confidence as I knew I was making progress. Dr. Lara and his staff answered any questions I had and were always available in case I had any questions.


— Nick S.

"This is the best way to jump start your weight reduction."

This is the best way to jump start your weight reduction. How you feel about your own mind, body, and spirit will transfer into your work and personal relationships. The increased confidence of losing those stubborn pounds with less effort than expected is one of the victories I’ve relished while under Dr. Lara’s care. Dr. Lara’s pep talks have given me strength to carry on in my hardest, most challenging moments. He is an inspiration, a guru, a motivator, a voice of reason, and a medical professional rolled into one. His care for the patients and the practice is unsurpassed. If you lack motivation, he will enlighten your path to a greater self. My journey to how I look today has been a gift to myself which I will always cherish. I would like to think I could have done it alone, but when I know that a team is cheering my victories alongside me, it makes the whole experience more exhilarating.


– Rhonda A.

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