Fran Released Her Pandemic Pounds & Trimmed 13″

What encouraged you to enroll with Dr. Lara’s 12-Week weight loss program?

Like many people, during Covid- 19 I turned to cooking and making cocktails to occupy my time at home and gained an additional 15 lbs. Then when we could go back into public, I found myself making excuses as too why I couldn’t meet my friends because I was embarrassed of how I looked and felt about myself. If I was going to “Live my best life” I needed a program that was not only going to help me lose the weight, but also help me to live heathier. I lost 25 lbs and inches off my waistline as a result of Dr. Lara’s Formnovelle and the 12-Week weight loss program.

What did you experience during your weight loss journey?

I felt my concentration improve immediately. I stopped having cravings for sugary foods. I noticed the weight loss after day one, which just fueled my excitement and determination to stick with the program.

What has improved most in your life?

I no longer have the heartburn I was experiencing everyday because of the additional weight gain. I have a renewed sense of excitement for life. I look forward to making plans and reconnecting with friends. I don’t have to fear my closet and what I’m going to wear, because I can fit into my clothes again.

What would you say to someone thinking about Dr. Lara’s Weight Loss Program?

Dr. Lara’s team is professional and warm and offers a holistic approach to weight loss. The plan will curb your cravings while also giving you energy throughout the day! You can’t afford not to invest in your wellbeing!

Fran lost 25 lbs and 13" inches with Dr. Lara's weight loss and body sculpting treatments.Fran lost 25 lbs and 13" inches with Dr. Lara's weight loss and body sculpting treatments.