Jeff’s Story About Losing Weight After 50

On a trip to Hawaii for his 50th birthday, Jeff’s daughter motivated him to lose weight and get healthy. Read Jeff’s story about losing weight after 50.

What encouraged you to enroll with Dr. Lara’s 12-Week weight loss program?

I began my weight loss goal after my then 21-year-old daughter Gabby said while we were in Hawaii, “dad you’re pushing 300 lbs.”

So on my 50th birthday I decided to lose weight and join Dr. Lara’s weight loss program. My daughter motivated me to get healthier.

What did you experience during your weight loss journey?

After losing 10 lbs on my own, I was stuck. Dr. Lara’s staff welcomed me with open arms. Now after a lot of hard work, I’m down 80 lbs.

What would you say to someone thinking about Dr. Lara’s weight loss program?

This weight loss program really works as long as you listen to your team at Dr. Lara’s office.

Losing weight after 50 is possible, just ask Jeff. Losing weight after 50 is possible, just ask Jeff.
Looking good, Jeff! Looking good, Jeff!