Lauren Trimmed 12″ with Our Green Laser Body Sculpting Treatment

What encouraged you to enroll in the Formnovélle body sculpting treatment?

I was fortunate enough that I was brought up in a household that taught me how to eat healthy and encouraged exercise. So, because of this, I have always been at a healthy weight and kept a regular exercise routine. However, now that I’m pushing 40 years old, extra weight, particularly in my belly, started creeping up on me and trying to lose it became harder and harder. With my nutrition and exercise in line, I still couldn’t lose that extra belly fat, no matter how hard I tried! I wanted help but I didn’t want to turn to surgery. I knew there were several non-invasive body sculpting treatments, but I didn’t know which one to do. I had tried Coolsculpting several years ago and didn’t want to go that route again. Not only did it leave my abdomen swollen and painful for several weeks, but it also left a pocket creating unevenness in my abdomen. I started my research and found an article written by Dr. Lara about Coolsculpting vs. green laser therapy. I was intrigued! I wanted to learn more! After completing my research, I knew that Dr. Lara’s Formnovélle was the best and healthiest way to get the results that I wanted!

How has Formnovélle has affected your trouble areas?

Formnovélle worked! When I saw the before and after pictures, I was amazed! Going through the process I knew that I could see a difference, but I didn’t realize how much of a difference it was until I saw the pictures. I was blown away! The truth is also in the numbers. Over the course of 12 weeks, I lost a total of 12 inches in my abdomen!

What is the one thing becoming healthier has most improved?

I would have to say my confidence. When you have a strong healthy core, you walk a bit taller. Clothes fit better and look better too!

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Cesar A. Lara M.D. for Formnovélle treatments?

Please do your research! Read the article written by Dr. Lara on his website and then do more research. Other forms of body sculpting do more harm to your body than good. I wish I had learned about the Formnovélle body sculpting treatment sooner, but happy that I finally did! Thank you Dr. Lara!

Formnovélle worked! When I saw the before and after pictures, I was amazed! Formnovélle worked! When I saw the before and after pictures, I was amazed!