Stages Of Our Program

Our weight loss programs utilize the best of modern medicine with a holistic mind and body approach. Designed by Dr. Lara, every program is completely customized to meet the needs of the individual. No matter your struggles, we are here to support you on your journey with uncompromising compassion and care. The process can be broken down into 3 critical stages:

Stage 1: Awakening

Throughout the awakening process you will be educated on the causes of obesity, as well as how to manage it. You will learn how to follow a specific nutrition plan and how to incorporate exercise into your routine. Your personalized plan may include certain safe, FDA-approved medications to keep your appetite under control, as well as various supplements that will maximize your weight loss and health. During the awakening phase, you will receive support from us and will be monitored weekly to ensure your treatment is safe and effective.

Stage 2: Passage

Passage is the transitional phase, where you have reached your goal weight and are now ready to decrease your medications and frequency of visits. We will adjust your nutrition plan and decrease the use of appetite suppressants to enhance your body’s chemical balance. Finding the appropriate balance for your disease management takes at least three visits, although more may be necessary.

Stage 3: Balance

The Balance stage means achievement – and you should be so proud of yourself! You have obtained a higher nutritional education and have learned to balance the role food plays in your life, along with exercise and lifestyle. During this phase, we develop a unique plan to empower you to maintain the healthy lifestyle and weight you have worked so hard to achieve. Should you experience weight gain, this plan also teaches you how to remain in control and get back on track. We will ask you to continue to weigh yourself regularly, and to come in for visits (though much less frequently) so we can continue to actively support you in your journey.

"Losing over 60 lbs has been such a boost in my self confidence!" - Chandra


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