What Are the Best Natural Ways to Lose Weight?

The best natural ways to lose weight are also the most sustainable and effective in the long run. Here are twenty natural weight loss tips that I share with patients in my 12-week weight loss program.

20 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Eat a protein-rich diet.
  2. Load up on cruciferous and other low-glycemic vegetables.
  3. Favor fiber over simple carbs and starches.
  4. Eat organic food when possible.
  5. Eat more whole, single-ingredient foods and avoid processed foods.
  6. Enjoy a healthy snack or meal every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism up.
  7. Weigh your portions with a food scale.
  8. Eat slowly and mindfully.
  9. Stay hydrated with water.
  10. Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, and other sugary beverages.
  11. Eliminate or reduce caffeine.
  12. Exercise at least a little bit each day.
  13. Spend time in nature reconnecting to natural rhythms.
  14. Practice regular self-care.
  15. Cultivate a positive mindset.
  16. Eliminate as many stress triggers as possible.
  17. Find ways to proactively manage stress, like exercise, yoga, or meditation.
  18. Balance your hormones naturally.
  19. Get your sleep; 7-9 hours per night is ideal for most adults.
  20. Track your progress to stay motivated and on track.

I hope this list gives you a one or two new tips that you can use to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals for life! If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, I invite you to schedule a consultation at my weight loss clinic in St. Pete or Palm Harbor today.