How Does Green Laser Body Sculpting Work?

Our Green Laser Body Sculpting treatments are producing amazing results:

  • Many patients see 6 inches of fat reduction in 4 weeks.
  • Some patients see as much as 1.5 inches of fat reduction in their first 45-minute treatment.

But how does it work?

Green Laser Therapy Heals & Drains Bloated Fat Cells

Excess weight is a sign the fat cells in your body have become sick and bloated. Green laser therapy opens up microscopic pores in your fat cells to release the accumulated excess tissue. Once released into your body, this excess tissue is used for energy or drained through your lymphatic system and removed as waste. The microscopic pores in your fat cells repair themselves and close back up within 72 hours of therapy, leaving healthy cells that have been drained of their excess fat. As fat cells release their excess material, they naturally begin to heal and reduce back down to their natural size. Our green laser body sculpting treatments are FDA-approved with no reported side effects, no surgery, pain, or downtime.

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