Ray (Lost 26 lbs)

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Ray came to the Center for Weight Management just looking for some help in losing a little weight.

Fortunately for Ray, blood testing and an EKG are performed on all new patients before beginning the program to ensure eligibility and complete safety. Ray was neither safe nor eligible to begin the program at that time, because he had an irregular EKG showing he had recently had two heart attacks. This was news to Ray!

Our physician immediately sent him to his family physician, who then referred him to a cardiologist. Within one month of his initial visit at the Center for Weight Management, Ray had undergone a heart sonogram and catheterization that revealed an 80-90% blockage, and he had a stent placed.

After his recovery, Ray was approved for the program by our physicians and his cardiologist, and he went on to lose 26 pounds!

My wife and I are very appreciative to you and your staff of doctors and nurses, who were instrumental in saving my life by informing me of a bad health condition, and for taking the time to run the test and in general all the care you all took to help my wife and I on our new journey to a healthier and thinner look for our own good. Thank you all at Dr. César Lara Weight Loss Clinic, from the bottom of the stent in my heart, for allowing me to live a full life, and for helping me to look and feel good the rest of my life.

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