How Do I Remove Fat Cells from My Body?

A question that patients in our weight loss programs ask from time to time is, “How do I remove fat cells from my body?”.

The short answer is, you don’t remove fat cells from your body. Instead, you heal your fat cells.

What Does it Mean to Heal Rather Than Remove Fat Cells?

Fat cells are an integral part of our bodies, and there are numerous important benefits of healthy fat. We need fat, and we need our fat cells.

The dis-ease of obesity occurs when excess fat content gets trapped and accumulates in fat cells. Over time, the fat cells become bloated and unhealthy. When these fat cells reach their breaking point, they begin to die off. Without sufficient fat cells, fat content moves to accumulate in organs like the heart and liver. This often coincides with severe inflammation, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses(1).

At our practice, we help patients heal sick fat cells and create healthy new fat cells. As healthy new fat cells regenerate, weight release occurs and the symptoms of obesity begin to subside.

I’m Ready. How Do I Heal My Fat Cells?

At my weight loss clinics, we embrace a holistic approach to heal and regenerate fat cells. “Do No Harm” is part of our philosophy. This includes fat cells! Advice that I share with my weight loss patients includes:

  • Mindset - Your mindset and attitude play a key role in your success in any endeavor. Love every part of yourself, including your fat cells.
  • Nutrition - Eat whole foods, eliminate processed foods and sugar, and include the proper amount of healthy fats in your diet.
  • Fasting - With fasting, your body can begin to naturally repair and rejuvenate its damaged mitochondria.
  • Green Laser Therapy - Our green laser therapy stimulates sick and bloated fat cells in a way that allows them to open up and release their excess fat content. Fat cells begin to heal and shrink back down to normal size. Lean fat cells on the inside equal lean bodies on the outside.

Green Laser Therapy Heals Sick & Bloated Fat Cells

Schedule a free consultation and evaluation with a healthy weight loss doctor to see if green laser therapy is right for you.


(1) The New York Times - The ‘Healthy Obese’ and Their Healthy Fat Cells