Our Thoughts Paint the Reality that We Live

Dr. Lara recently shared a video message about the important role our thoughts play in shaping our reality. Watch the video below.

One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford;

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

I love that quote because it brings attention to the fact that our thoughts paint the reality that we actually live.

If we don’t like the life or experience that we’re having, the way to change it is to change the thoughts that create that reality.

Something I practice for myself is that whenever I don’t feel well—if I’m feeling frustrated, angry or depressed—I immediately begin to ask myself “What am I thinking that is making me feel that way?”.

As I begin to capture these thoughts, I tell myself “These thoughts do not belong to me”. Then I release them. And I bring attention to thoughts of love, thoughts of peace, thoughts of joy.

Now wishing you, lots thoughts of love, thoughts of peace, thoughts of joy.

This is one of many mindset techniques we practice in our weight loss program, to help patients release 35-40lbs in 12 Weeks.