How Can I Develop a Stronger Immune System?

How can I develop a stronger immune system? It’s a question my team and I have been receiving a lot this year. The ongoing Covid pandemic and a higher than normal wave of summer flu here in Florida have put many of us on the defensive and made boosting the immune system an important health topic.

First, remember the immune system is just that, a system. Our bodies have a number of different systems, including the immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system, and lymphatic system, to name a few. These systems combine to form one great big system called the human body. Strong immunity starts with recognizing our body as an interconnected system and working to bring balance and harmony throughout the various areas.

The simple truth is, for most of us, the best things we can do to develop a stronger immune system are many of the same things we should do for health and wellness in general. Anything that contributes to general good health also contributes to a healthy immune system. With that in mind, I’ve provided a few of my favorite tips in the article below.

7 Ways to Develop a Stronger Immune System

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

Nutrition plays a major part in all aspects of health, and the immune system is no exception. To develop a stronger immune system, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially leafy greens and other cruciferous vegetables. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that benefit all the body’s vital systems, including the immune system. Avoid processed foods and sugar, which cause inflammation and weaken the immune system.

Many of my favorite foods for weight loss are also excellent food choices for strengthening the immune system.

Whenever possible, eat organic food. Organic foods have a much greater profile of nutrients and antioxidants and a much lower content of toxins like heavy metals and pesticides.

2. Minimize Stress & Cultivate Joy

It’s essential to minimize stress to keep your immune system strong. High stress levels cause your body to produce high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Over time, excess cortisol leads to increased inflammation and weakens the immune system. Stress also decreases the body’s white blood cells that help fight off infection.

On the other hand, multiple scientific studies over the past twenty years have shown a compelling link between happiness and a strong immune system.

  • Cultivate environments that are calm, quiet, and free of clutter.
  • Eliminate as many stress triggers as possible and develop simple cues to overcome triggers when they occur.
  • Surround yourself with support and positivity. Distance yourself from toxic relationships and invest time and care in relationships with people who lift you up.
  • Spend time outdoors to connect with the natural rhythms and harmonies of life.
  • Love yourself and give yourself the gift of self care.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Find ways to give back and share your happiness and joy with others!

3. Sleep Well

Sleep is a time for the body to heal, recover, and regenerate. To develop a stronger immune system, high-quality sleep is a must. Different people need different amounts of sleep to feel refreshed, but for most healthy adults 7-9 hours of sleep per night is ideal. If you regularly need more than 9 hours it could be sign of an underlying health problem. On the other hand, if you regularly get only 6 hours of sleep or less per night, you probably aren’t giving your body the rest it needs to function at its best, including your immune system.

4. Exercise Regularly

It’s important to move our bodies frequently. Even gentle movement does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit, and strengthens the immune system.

Exercising outdoors provides the added benefit of a natural immune boost from the sun’s Vitamin D. Just remember to be sensible about sun exposure during peak sun. 15-30 minutes outside in the middle of the day can be enough produce plenty of Vitamin D without overdoing UV exposure. I recently shared my favorite ways to stay active in summer.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential requirement for the body. It keeps us hydrated, flushes toxins, lubricates joints, and contributes to healthy energy levels. In general, I recommend that patients in my weight loss program drink 128 oz of liquid throughout each day. Water should be at least 64 oz of the total. The other 64 oz can be water or other fluids. See a few of my favorite healthy hydration tips.

6. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight naturally supports a strong and healthy immune system. Obesity is an inflammatory condition, and inflammation weakens immune response. However, like everything, it’s essential to take a balanced approach weight loss. Trying to lose too much weight too fast can also weaken the immune system. Fasting and starvation diets produce a strong stress response which works against the immune system. And, cutting out too much food can leave the body depleted of essential nutrients the immune system needs.

My weight loss program is medically designed and supervised to help patients release weight in a steady, sustainable, and healthy way. Releasing excess weight the right way, at the right pace and maintaining a healthy weight strengthens the immune system in the long run.

7. Boost Your Supplementation

Because of the nutrient deficiency in today’s food supply, it’s vital to complement our nutrition with key supplements to support our bodies, aid disease prevention, and help us achieve optimal health.*

When it comes to strengthening the immune system, my top three recommended supplements are:

  • Vitamin D3: learn about the health benefits of Vitamin D3 and why you should always take Vitamin D3 together with K2.
  • A high-quality probiotic: learn about the important benefits of probiotics for gut health, immunity and more.
  • I Am Healthy: learn about I Am Healthy, my targeted blend of quercetin, Vitamin C, and other powerful immune boosters,

You can learn even more and shop my complete line of supplements at Awaken Supplements.

Use these tips to develop a stronger immune system. And remember, if something strengthens your body, mind, or spirit, chances are it’s good for your immune system, too.

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