Green Laser Body Sculpting - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does green laser body sculpting really work?

Yes, green laser body sculpting works. Many patients trim about 6" of subcutaneous body fat in 4 weeks. Some even trim 1.5" in their first 45-minute treatment.

How does it work?

Green laser therapy opens up microscopic pores in your fat cells to release the accumulated excess fatty acids. Once released into your body, the excess fatty acids from your fat cells are used for energy or drained through your lymphatic system and removed as waste. The microscopic pores in your fat cells repair themselves and close back up within 72 hours of therapy, leaving healthy cells that have been drained of their excess fat. Learn more about how green laser body sculpting works.

Is green laser body sculpting safe?

Yes. Green laser body sculpting is a safe, FDA-approved treatment to reduce excess subcutaneous body fat.

Is the procedure painful or uncomfortable?

No. The procedure is entirely pain-free and touch-free using FDA-approved low-level green lasers. Just lay back, relax, and sculpt.

Are there short-term side effects or downtime?

No. Green laser body sculpting has no side effects or downtime. Patients stop in for treatments and then leave to go on about their day as usual.

Does green laser body sculpting leave marks or scarring on my body?

No. Green laser body sculpting is completely non-invasive and non-surgical and leaves no marks or scarring.

How is green laser body sculpting different from fat freezing?

Green laser therapy trims significantly more inches in less time than popular fat freezing treatments. And, unlike fat freezing, green laser therapy does not kill or harm fat cells and has no reported side effects. Learn more about the differences between green laser body sculpting vs. fat freezing.

Can I use it all over my body?

Yes. You can treat areas of subcutaneous fat all over your body, including “hard to reach” places. Our patients have effectively trimmed excess fat from their stomachs, hips, thighs, butts, arms, legs, chins, necks, and more. Learn more about targeting different areas of your body with green laser therapy.

How long do treatment sessions last?

Green laser body sculpting treatment sessions last about 45 minutes each.

How many treatment sessions do I need to do to see results?

Many patients start seeing results after their first session, but most patients choose an 8- or 12-treatment package for best results.

How many days apart should I schedule my treatments?

I recommend spacing treatments at least three days apart. This gives your fat cells time to drain and heal between sessions naturally.

Can I do maintenance treatments in the future?

Yes. After your initial round of treatments, you can perform subsequent rounds as often as you like. Some patients will perform a maintenance round each year (i.e., to get ready for beach season) or before a special event like a wedding or vacation.

How long do results from green laser body sculpting last?

Results from green laser body sculpting aren’t just temporary; they’re permanent. That said, the degree to which you maintain your new look will depend on your diet, exercise, and similar lifestyle factors during and after your treatments. Body sculpting is not a substitute for healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Many patients also chose to join our 12-week weight release program or a healthy weight maintenance plan to receive the maximum lasting benefits from green laser therapy.

Do I need to eat differently during treatments?

The better your food choices, the better results you can expect to see. I share the same advice with body sculpting patients that I share with all of my patients. Eat lots of healthy low-starch veggies and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods, starch, and sugar. Alcohol can impede results and should be kept to a minimum during treatments. See some of my favorite foods for weight loss and our healthy recipes.

Should I do anything else differently during my treatments?

Many patients use a skin cream and collagen supplement to look their best during treatments. A liver detox supplement is also an excellent choice to help flush the excess material released from fat cells during laser body sculpting. Learn more about the best creams and supplements to take during body sculpting.

Our providers offer patients an optional, brief lymphatic massage at the end of each treatment session to help with drainage. Some patients also visit a massage therapist for additional lymphatic drainage massage during their treatments.

How do I get started?

Schedule a complementary consultation to learn more about green laser body sculpting. During your consultation, you’ll meet one-on-one with a provider and discuss the areas of your body that you want to focus on. You’ll also have the opportunity to see our green laser equipment and look at before and after pictures from other patients. Consultations usually last 30 minutes; if you wish, you can start your treatments on the same visit.


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