Which Areas Can I Target with Green Laser Body Sculpting?

Green laser body sculpting is more popular than ever, and with the kinds of results it produces, it’s easy to understand why.

  • Many patients see 6 inches of fat reduction in 4 weeks.
  • Some patients see as much as 1.5 inches of fat reduction in their first 45-minute treatment.

Green laser body sculpting is safe, FDA-approved for fat loss, and offers several significant benefits compared to popular fat freezing treatment options.

Many patients have contacted us to ask exactly which areas of their body they can target for body sculpting with green laser therapy.

You can treat areas of subcutaneous fat all over your body, including “hard to reach” areas. We’ll look at the most popular areas in this article.

You can treat areas of subcutaneous fat all over your body, including “hard to reach” areas.

Body Sculpting with Green Laser Therapy

Stomach / Abdomen

Male body sculpting patient on a table with green lasers on his midsection

One of the most common body areas to target with green laser body sculpting is the stomach. Our low-level lasers safely open up and drain the excess fatty acid from the fat cells around the stomach, allowing the cells to heal and reduce back down to their normal healthy size.

Laser body sculpting effectively reduces the subcutaneous fat around the stomach, but it doesn't address the visceral fat underneath. Patients with subcutaneous and visceral fat around the stomach often combine our green laser treatments with our 12-week weight loss program to reduce both kinds of fat.


The hips are another very popular area for body sculpting, particularly among our female patients. You can target both hips at once with green lasers, and it’s completely contact-free.


Many women also turn to our green laser treatments to reduce excess fat and cellulite around the thighs. The lasers can treat both the inner thighs and outer thighs to reduce or eliminate a thigh gap.


Like the thighs, the buttocks are another area where cellulite and subcutaneous fat often settle, and green laser body sculpting can reduce or eliminate both.


Beyond the hips, thighs and butt, green laser body sculpting can target any part of the legs, including the areas just beneath the buttocks in the back and above the knees in the front.


Green laser body sculpting effectively reduces arm fat, including stubborn fat around the upper arms.

Body sculpting patient on the treatment table with green lasers

Neck / Chin

Neck fat, sometimes called a “double chin”, is a common issue that can make a person look older than their age. You don’t need to be overweight or obese to have excess fat under your neck. Green laser body sculpting is a perfect solution for this area and can often eliminate excess neck / chin fat over a series of treatments.


While women tend to put on excess fat around the lower body, men accumulate it on the upper half. The chest is an excellent example of this, with some men developing enlarged breasts through a condition known as gynecomastia. Male patients who have struggled with this area in the past are finding excellent results with green laser body sculpting.

How Does Green Laser Body Sculpting Work?

Closeup of the diodes on our green laser body sculpting equipmentWith the results above, you might be asking yourself how it all works. The process is relatively simple and completely safe.

Excess weight is a sign the fat cells in your body have become sick and bloated with excess trapped fatty acids. Green laser therapy opens up microscopic pores in your fat cells to release the accumulated excess fatty acids.

Green laser therapy opens up microscopic pores in your fat cells to release the accumulated excess fatty acids.

Once released into your body, the excess fatty acids from your fat cells are used for energy or drained through your lymphatic system and removed as waste. The microscopic pores in your fat cells repair themselves and close back up within 72 hours of therapy, leaving healthy cells that have been drained of their excess fat. As fat cells release their excess material, they naturally heal and reduce back down to their natural size.

Learn more about how green laser body sculpting works and how the treatments are different from CoolSculpting.

Like other body sculpting treatments, green laser therapy targets the shallow subcutaneous body fat, not deep down visceral fat. Patients with excess visceral fat are advised to consider our 12-week weight loss program. Many patients with both kinds of fat to release will combine the 12-week program with green laser treatments for the very best results in the shortest time.

Planning Your Green Laser Body Sculpting Treatments

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Formnovélle™ laser body sculpting is available as an 8 or 12 treatment package.
  • Laser treatment sessions are 45 minutes, with an optional brief lymphatic drainage massage offered after each session.
  • Treatments can be performed as frequently as once a week per body area.
  • Patients focused on multiple areas of the body often choose to do back-to-back sessions. For example, you can treat your arms for 45 minutes followed by your legs for 45 minutes on the same day and repeat both a week later.
  • Our green laser body sculpting treatments are FDA-approved with no reported side effects, no surgery, pain, or downtime.

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