Weight Loss Programs for Men

Weight Loss Programs for Men, Article Summary:

  • Men and women share many of the same weight loss needs and concerns, but men also have their own unique needs and considerations.
  • Many men come to our weight loss clinics with obesity-related medical concerns like diabetes, gallstones, hypertension, heart disease, and strokes.
  • Our most popular weight loss program for men is my signature 12-week weight loss program, Awakening.
  • Men with extra subcutaneous fat get the best results with green laser body sculpting.
  • For men age 40 and up, hormone balancing is often a key part of the equation.

My weight loss programs help men and women release excess weight, improve their health, have more energy, feel great, and look great.

While women and men have many similar needs related to weight loss, men have some unique considerations. In this article we will look at the best weight loss programs for men along with some important considerations for men’s weight loss.

“When I’m done with my appointment, I feel like I could tackle the world.”
~ Bekim Osmani

12-Week Weight Loss Program

Our most popular weight loss program for men and women alike is my holistic 12-week weight loss program, Awakening. This proven program addresses the most crucial weight loss factors, including nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset.

The weight loss pyramid with diet and lifestyle at the foundation

Most men release 35-40 lbs in 12 weeks during this program. For some men, one round of this program is enough. Men with more weight to release will choose to complete multiple rounds of this program until reaching their goal weight.

Most men release 35-40 lbs in 12 weeks during this program.

Many of the men we meet have come to our weight loss clinics due to obesity-related medical concerns. My team and I meet a lot of men who are dealing with diabetes, gallstones, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, and other medical conditions. That’s why our 12-week medical weight loss program is medically supervised by myself and the other providers at my clinics. The Awakening program includes three rounds of lab work. At the initial visit, we perform specific blood tests and an EKG. We conduct follow-up labs four weeks later and once again at the end of the program.

Many men who’ve completed our Awakening program go on to enroll in our monthly maintenance program for the extra care, check-in options, and support it provides.

Photo of our weight loss patient Willem
“Now everything has improved. My mood, getting dressed, my clothes fit better. Body aches are gone, energy levels are high. Most importantly I have been able to reduce all the medicines significantly.”
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Body Sculpting for Men

Some men are looking to reduce excess subcutaneous fat, “pinchable” body fat which sits just below the skin’s surface. Subcutaneous fat is generally regarded as less dangerous than visceral fat (which is deeper inside the body around the vital organs), but an excess amount of either type of fat isn’t healthy. Plus, subcutaneous fat is highly visible and often more stubborn to get rid of than visceral fat. For health reasons, aesthetic reasons, and often for a combination of both, plenty of men are keen to eliminate excess subcutaneous fat.

Men with excess subcutaneous fat to release are finding incredible results with our exclusive Formnovélle green laser therapy treatments. Many men see 6 inches of fat reduction in 4 weeks. Some men see as much as 1.5 inches of fat reduction in their first 45-minute treatment.

Many men see 6 inches of fat reduction in 4 weeks. Some men see as much as 1.5 inches of fat reduction in their first 45-minute treatment.

How Does Green Laser Body Sculpting Work?

Excess subcutaneous fat is a sign the fat cells in your body have become sick and bloated with excess trapped fatty acids. Green laser therapy opens up microscopic pores in your fat cells to release the accumulated excess fatty acids. Once released into your body, the excess fatty acids from your fat cells are used for energy or drained through your lymphatic system and removed as waste. We offer a brief complimentary lymphatic drainage massage at the end of each treatment round to help move the released fatty acids out of the body.

The microscopic pores in your fat cells repair themselves and close back up within 72 hours of therapy, leaving healthy cells that have been drained of their excess fat. As fat cells release their excess material, they naturally heal and reduce back down to their natural size.

Our green laser body sculpting treatments are FDA-approved with no reported side effects, no surgery, pain, or downtime.

Photo of our weight loss patient Jeff

“On my 50th birthday I decided to lose weight and join Dr. Lara’s weight loss program. My daughter motivated me to get healthier.”
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Hormone Replacement for Men

When we talk about weight loss for men, we also need to talk about hormones. For many men, especially those in their 40s and up, hormone balance is a critical part of weight loss and wellness.

As we age, and by the time most of us reach our 40s, our hormones naturally decline. This decline in hormones can accelerate because of factors like disease, diet, and stress. Loss of hormones is one of the primary reasons for our deterioration as we get older, both physically and mentally. A hormone imbalance can also be a critical factor in weight gain and difficulty releasing excess weight.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) replenishes these hormones, slowing and sometimes reversing the effects of aging. BHRT naturally replenishes testosterone, DHEA, thyroid hormone, melatonin, PSA, and Vitamin D. For many men in their 40s, 50s and 60s, hormone replacement therapy is often the missing key to optimal weight loss, energy, and wellness.

Getting started with BHRT begins with a complimentary consultation with one of our providers, followed by a simple blood serum test to reveal your current hormone levels.

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