How Weight Loss Improves Quality of Life

Weight loss improves quality of life in many ways; physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. In this article we’ll explore seven specific examples. Along the way, I’ll share some related research as well as stories from patients at my weight loss clinics.

  1. Increase Energy - I often hear patients remark on how much more energy they have once they start to release excess weight. When you release weight, you carry around fewer pounds throughout the day and use oxygen more efficiently, both of which provide extra energy. Plus, you have a powerful opportunity to release emotional and psychological baggage that has been weighing you down. Losing 50 lbs helped Denise get rid of her joint pain and have more energy at 65. After losing 25 lbs, Cindy feels like she can breathe again, has more energy, sleeps better, and wakes up ready to move.
  2. Reduce Medications - Reducing or eliminating medications is a motivation shared by many weight loss patients, especially middle age and older patients. As we age and go through life’s challenges, it can be easy to fall out of our naturally healthy state and gain weight. Along the way, we can come to rely on medications to regulate things like blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes. Some medications, like statins, can also lead to additional weight gain, creating a vicious cycle. Releasing excess weight is a powerful way to start to reclaim our health. It can directly reduce and even eliminate the need for some of the medications on which we’ve come to rely. Read about how Willem was able to significantly reduce all of his medicines after releasing excess weight.
  3. Avoid the Healthcare System - Maintaining a healthy body weight has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and diabetes(1). Weight loss is a powerful disease prevention tool available to all of us. The key is to practice sustainable weight loss and weight management based on good nutrition, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  4. Live Longer - After seeing the two items above, it shouldn’t be surprising that healthy weight loss can lead to a longer life. In fact, obesity can shorten life expectancy by as many as 14 years, primarily due to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes(2).  On the other hand, regular exercise has been shown to be at least as important as body weight when it comes to extending lifespan(3). To live your best and longest life, it’s essential to maintain a healthy body weight and get into an exercise routine you enjoy.
  5. Save Money - Healthy and sustainable weight loss is an investment. I recognize and appreciate the time, commitment, energy, and financial investments that patients make in order to achieve their weight loss goals. And, in the long run, losing weight is far less expensive than obesity. A popular study published in March 2021 found that obesity-related medical expenditures in the United States add up to over $172 billion each year(4). Learn more about the financial costs of obesity.
  6. Boost Confidence - From feeling lighter to looking your best, losing weight provides a big confidence boost. Fran put on extra weight during the first year of the pandemic, and it lowered her self-confidence around social situations. After releasing 25 lbs and trimming inches off her waistline, she was looking forward to making plans and reconnecting with friends.
  7. Do What You Love - Losing weight gives you more time, energy, and ability to do the things you love. Things like spending time with family, playing sports, and enjoying the outdoors. Lori enjoys going out to meet family and friends and going for walks and runs again. Alexandra lost almost 100 lbs after giving birth to her son and now enjoys being more active with her family and feeling healthier physically and mentally!

I hope you find some good information and inspiration in this article and our patient success stories. Weight loss improves quality of life for everyone. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, I invite you to schedule a consultation at my weight loss clinic in St. Pete or Palm Harbor today.



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